Logomania Mini




Editore: Promopress; Mul edizione

Codice ISBN: 978-8493650841

Anno: 2012

N° pagine: 237

Tipologia Copertina: Copertina flessibile

Prezzo: € 19,00

Categoria: Comunicazione visiva



In today´s highly visual society the logo has become the embodiment of a commercial brand and identity of a business, generating immediate consumer recognition. The design of a logo serves to define a company´s image, making its products and services distinctive and unique. "Logomania" presents the finest examples of Italian logos and signs at the cutting edge of graphic design. In the first part of the book we see actual examples of different corporate logos used, each one totally original in their graphic design, colour and type and style. In the later chapters of the book ,we see real-life examples of logos applied to a variety of different commercial situations: packaging, flyers, posters, T shirts, restaurants, shop exteriors, packaging etc. Finally the book concludes with an impressive collection of icons used both as fashion graphic elements and also as a device to express more universal themes and ideas such as war, terror, education and feminism.


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